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Persistant Cough And Wheezing In Throat

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i was wondering if you could maybe give me an idea on what is the cause of this, because I have been unsuccessful so far in getting a proper diagnosis and therefore treatment.
I have had this cough for nearly a year, the best way to describe it is; when you got a cold, you cough and get a sensation that something has been cleared from your throat, well this feeling is similar only it never gets cleared. When I cough it makes a strange sound and it feels like it is something there, but no matter how hard I try to cough it never clears. I have tried all standard and over-standard treatments and all was unsuccessful.
Also this is accompanied by wheezing usually on exhale but occasionally especially when lying down or not cleared my throat for a while on inhale too.
It causes me insomnia, severe anxiety and unability to concentrate and really impairs my every day life.
I was wondering if there was any way there is any reason for me to be concerned about cancer of the larynx or something serious, or what do you think the cause of this is? I have tried all treatment for post nasal drip without success.
I am a female, 23, my gp won't give me an urgent referral for an ent specialist as he seems to think that my problem is not serious enough, so I have to wait for about 4 months. ...
I am just looking for some peace of mind, thanks a lot for your help,
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replied March 7th, 2009
persistent unproductive cough
female child is seven years old. has a continuing harsh unproductive cough. continues even while sleeping. there is no fever. is it time to call the doctor? her one year old brother (not in residence but visited last weekend) was in the hospital with RVS. he was on oxygen, iv and meds for 3.5 days.
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