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Hpt Kit - Should I Believe the Result?????

Hi - just after some advice please :lol:

i am presently on fertility treatment and I was told to test this morning after my last course of treatment (2 weeks ago) - unfortunately I only had one test in the house and have had to goto work.. Anyway I ran the usual "10 sec" stream with the first pee of the day and the test showed nothing after about 10 mins or so - nothing even in the control window - the instructions said that this would indicate a broken test and to redo another new one with a seperate hpt kit - well I felt like a little pee about 10 mins before I left for work and I reused the test - the difference in time between pees was about 45 mins - this time the control showed a negative result - am I to believe this or redo a new test to make sure of the result... I know i've probably been stupid re-using the test but after 6 years of fertility treatments , I just wait in the hope that I will get a possie result somehow and I was desperate to know!!!

Thanks in advance for your help.... :lol:
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replied May 4th, 2006
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I wouldnt believe it if you used the same test go out and buy a better test clear blue make sure you you test after missing you period or your results are going to off and its going to cost you more money buying test.

I know they are expensive but go buy the clear blue one have abit of patience few days and test again I know its hard cause it supposed to be an excited time!!

Good luck and baby dust your way +++++++++++
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