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White Urine, Clear Oily Discharge And Urethral Pain No Std .

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i have been suffering from urethral pain , white urine at the end of my urine stream and a clear oily discharge after urinating intermittantly for about 5-6 years.

I have visited numerous doctors and urologists in the time with no answers. I do not have any stds. I have had 2 cystoscopys, ultrasounds and ct scan of abdomen, no luck.

The white urine seems to be attributed to "amorphous urate crystals" as they were found en mass in one urine test where I actually collected the white urine (at the test limit).

The pain comes and goes and is normally managable, but sometimes it gets to about 8/10 and may last for 1-6 weeks straight.
During this time, nothing reduces the pain level (not even panadine forte).

I am concerned about losing my job because during the acute bouts I cannot concentrate on anything except the pain (im a mechanical engineer) and also my mental health suffers to the point where I consider suicide ( I am not suicidal by nature and dont think I would ever actually do it, but the pain is unbearable).

Other symptoms include testicular pain and pain down my inner thigh, but only ever on the right hand side.

I am desperate for answers and am hoping someone else out there has been through this and has an answer for me :)

thank heaps

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First Helper AUMATTHEW2004

replied August 20th, 2012
Hi Matt, Im female, I see an oily surface in the bowl when I go occasionally , I saw your post because I keep getting cystitis with this symptom inc and im looking for info. I am working in sufferance with pains that last for weeks on end in my back and pelvic area, I can say I hate my life these times. Iv been so a few years now and seen no end of Drs over that time and eaten my way through main course meals of pain of pain relievers , I have no answer for you except all you can do is carry on till it stops you dead or you dare do it . Thats what Im doing bud! :-
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