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Lump On Inside of Left Bottom Eyelid

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I have a a small pea sized lump on the inside of my eye lid on my left eye it irritates the eyeball and puts pressure on it also is sore at times , is purply red in color and I have had this for over 5 weeks now.
Is smooth and about 4mm in size.
Hopefully some1 could have some info on what this could be as it is worrying and im scared of going to the doctor.
If anyone has anything they think might help then please reply .
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replied May 24th, 2006
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Sounds like a stye but they can get infected and hurt you still need to go to the doctor if it is a stye then they will give you some eye drops to put on it a couple times a day. And within a week it should go away. They are uaually caused by an ingrown hair. And are very painful and red. It sounds like a stye
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