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I am a nineteen year old male college student and I think I may have some kind of mental disease. I feel socially retarded, I have extreme difficulty making conversation with the opposite sex and therefore and still a virgin. I can not think straight anymore, its like nobody is home in my brain. I feel empty and tired of being unhappy. I am very lonely but I just cant seem to find words when I try and talk to people, especially when it comes to a sense of humor. I feel like people dislike me as soon as I meet them. I have currently been taking wellbutrin for two months now but I still feel socially inept and depressed. What is wrong with me? Is this genetic because my father is the same way and I cant stand him because I feel like I am turning into what he is. I cant keep living like this. Please help me someone.
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replied May 2nd, 2006
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Tell all of this to your doctor. It is possible that the wellbutrin isn't working and you need to try something else. Also it may help to go to a therapist to talk things out.
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