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Cervical Cancer

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I thank my lucky stars everyday that I am a healthy young woman. But I need some advice, I am going to be 25 in a few months time and since the age of 19 I have had a smear nearly every 6 months. I have had 6 smears in total and 2 colposcopy's.My first smear at 19 was due to bleeding during and after sex.Also I have suffered from problems in that area for a very long time!! My first smear was borderline then I had a normal one then another boarderline and then a normal.Then I had a borderline, at this point I had a colposcopy and it came back normal. I then had another smear and that came back borderline. So I had another colposcopy and they informed me that I had cin 1 and pre cancerous cells were found. I have been called back in for yet another colposcopy.Now I know that everything is ok and I have even found a natural herbal remedy that I use, but I am due to see the doctor when I have my next colposcopy should I be asking them to do something more positive. I am feeling a little frustrated! Any advice out there?

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