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large red spots

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Hey all. Embarassed a couple years ago, I came into contact with something (not sex, just an object). A day or two after, I had a large red swollen lump beside my penis, that later developed small white pus balls, was very itchy & painful, that eventually went away after a couple weeks. 6-8 months later, I had a large flat red spot on my mid-arm. Then spots continued to break out, large and small, on my chest/stomach/arms. The spots fluctuate colors from reddish-pink to light tan, smooth & flat, and cannot tell their there by feeling the skin. Range in size from the size of a quarter (first one size of a silver dollar), to smaller spots, and are not healing (first one is still there).
Also have been feeling sick, little stomach pain, frequent urination, and the whites of my eyes are turning blue in the corners (been that way for a few weeks).
I think that the spots could be caused by the liver, but not sure because I read that hepatitis causes nasuea, flu like symptoms, stomach discomfort.. & I experience most of these.
Is it hep b or c? I'v looked at a list of sti's and this was as close as I came. Anyone have any info out there? Plan on going and having myself checked up soon.. Just wanted some info on the possibilitys. I'v never had sex or been intimate with anyone, and pretty sure I didnt have anything before that. Thanks for the info Surprised
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