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Maybe?maybe Not?...aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh

Ok heres the deal:

last period:"about" 28th/29th of january
miscarried:29th of march
ovulated again:21st of april

have done about 4 pregnancie tests so far and all have shown up with the faintest (and I mean faint) lines-their not red as they are supposed to be (infact no colour at all) but they are slightly visible,they are clear but their kinda showing up where the second line sould go if you know what I mean.
As I ovulated on friday 21st of april and its now the 1st of may (just),"if" I was to be pregnant then it would only be 8days so far.Apparently a pregnancy test can show up properly positive 2weeks after concieving.And ovulation can occur 14days before a period.So in theory I should be able to tell by the 5th of may which is in 4days,or I could just get my sodding period.Can any one help me by telling me if you think those very faint lines sound like positive ones...Desperate baby wanter...Thank you,jadexxx
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replied May 2nd, 2006
Pregnancy Test
Hi jade, those tests can be tricky hey, but ur hcg levels or (pregnancy chemicals) may not be high enough to register properly on the test, it may be to early. If you are pregnant and your taking the test to early the lines will in fact show up as very faint lines, and as the pregnancy progresses they will become much clearer. Its a bit of a waiting game, otherwise you could go to the doctor and request a blood test which will give you an answer immediately. Hope that helps. Xx
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