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Hearing Heartbeat In Ear - Related to Bell's Palsy?

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Hi everyone:
i'm recovering from bell's palsy (almost 6 weeks now) and last week I started to hear the sound of my heartbeat in my right ear (same side as my bell's palsy) - has anyone heard of this happening before, or is this just a coincidence and i'm now having the symptoms of a secondary health problem?
Thansk for your feedback - arlene
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First Helper vaibhav0487
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replied July 12th, 2011
yeah me too hearing heart beat in the ear
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replied July 13th, 2011
hi arlene i have two question 1)you had any movement on affected side face when u encounter heartbeat in ur ear?
2)when have u recovered fully after heartbeat in ur ear?
cos i m also having bells palsy and also having heartbeat in ear.
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