Does anyone know how long previously refrigerated breast milk is good for once warmed up?

Example: I am shy about breast feeding in public so I pumped and refrigerated since it will be used within a few days. But once warmed up how long is it good for?
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replied May 1st, 2006
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Rewarmed-weather it was frozen or refridgerated -breastmilk is good for about an hour.
Don't warm it up 'till you need it- bring it cold, ask for a mug of hot water in a cafe or something when the baby wants the feed. Just stand the bottle in it for a few minutes.

If you pump milk, it will be ok in the fridge (but not in the door ocf the fridge- at the back- for up to 3 days- you can then freeze it if you have not used it -it will keep frozen for up to 3 months.If you thaw some, and warm it, but the baby doesn't take any- you can still put it back in the fridge and try to use it again later, but don't keep it more than 24 hours, and you can't re-feeze it.

Best thing to do it get a new ice-tray, steralise it, fill the little ice-compartments with breastmilk, you can empty the milk-cubes into a container, and just keep making more cubes.
That way, you need only thaw or heat as much as you need at the time. And, at those timeas where baby decides all of a sudden he'd like a bigger feed- you can just grab a "top up" instead of thawing out a wgole bottle. (it's also handy for a quick cool down when you accidently overheat the bottle) carry however much you think you'l need- still frozen- that way, any you haven't needed to thaw completely, you can put in the fridge.
Later on, store baby's first foods the same way-they only try little bits to begin with, so it's useless to have a whole big bowl of pureed apples or whatever every time.
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