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Bipolar Spouse Needs Treatment

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My husband was diagnosed as bipolar 10 years ago. He did not like the label , so went to a new doc 3 years ago and apparently gave limited info to be diagnosed as depressed. Without bipolar meds he has progressively gotten worse with depression, lack of motivation , anger, gambling and drinking and hiding the bottles of alcohol. Now we are seperated due to him threatening to kill me. He was not under the influence of anything when he threatened me, but also not on meds. I have a no contact order out. He has been arrested and I am keeping the no contact order in place because he did not take his meds regularly and is unstable. Right now I am very sad about the situation and heartbroken. I do not regret having him removed from the house. My son and I need to be safe. However, I am hoping he will get treatment even if it is court ordered for a mental health eval, domestic violence counseling, and anger management. I do not want my marriage to end. I want him to get help and become stable. I know that however is "his" choice. I love my husband and hope he still loves me. I know bi-polar is a life long problem but can be managed. I am also scared that if he does get better and I allow him back into my home, I may lose custody of my son. I also have an ex-husband. My ex-husband has dragged me through custody battles before but has not won. This time he could. I love my child and love my husband. So in some ways I feel I have to just "move foward" divorce my husband, even if he gets treatment because my ex husband will interfere our sons safety. I am sad, confused and hurt.... Any suggestions???
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