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I Went to the Dermatologist.....need Help!

I started having these red rash and bumps on my hand, neck and face 2 weeks ago. So I went to my dermatologist, she said they look like insect bites and very possible mosquito bites. I ask her if it's fleas, she said the rash looked a bit larger than normal flea bites. So in conclusion, she perscribed me zonalon (doxepin hydrochloride) 5% cream. And she insists that I should use the cream and insect repellent spray and wait at least 2 weeks to get well again.

But my symptom is not getting well at all, the bites increases even though I use repellent spray like she told me to. I am hoping that someone with similar symptom or knows about this can help me out. The rash increased on my face, and that's what annoyed me the most.....I don't think this is mosquito bites.....Someone help me!

My symptoms:
1). Itchiness, then a 1-2mm rash appears, no bump yet.
2). After 1-2 days of applying the zonalon cream, the redness subsides. But a small pimple like bump appears and sometimes, the bump develops into a small clear fluid filled blister. The small bump and occasionally the small blister dried off in 2-4 days.

3). The bumps left no apparent scar, just a fading brownish pigment on skin. But every 1 or 2 days, I get new rashes. Sometimes there would be a big blotch of redness on my face and 2 or 3 bumps after the redness subsides. It looks like multiple bites.

I don't know what to do, I now have over 30 bites on my body. (most are healed, but new ones kept coming.) no sighting of mosquitos in my house and my roomates are fine. Could this be flea or bed bug??? I bought a flea spray for the furniture and sprayed my mattress and washed my bed linen, the problem lessen, but didn't go away. Either I didn't spray enough or it's not fleas, I just have no clue. Please help me out here, any suggestions are welcome.
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replied April 29th, 2006
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You might call a professional exterminator in, he might be able to tell you what it is.
Good luck!
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