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I am 43 and I had a da vinci hysterectomy march 10 with ovaries left in place (a choice on my part, because of inherited breast cancer risks from my mother's side-hormone therapy will 'feed' breast cancer). Due to endometriosis, my bladder was connected to my uterine wall and had to be cut away. I went back to work full time on march 20. On march 27 I was on the softball field coaching our 10 and under girls. By april 7, normal vaginal sexual activity resumed. I had no outward stitches, only steri-strips on four one-inch incisions-one inside my navel, virtually unseen.

Some tips before choosing a hysterectomy: find a surgeon that is trained on the da vinci robotic surgical assistant and a hospital that has one. You can find information regarding this incredible machine at www.Intuitivesurgical.Com .
It greatly reduces the amount of blood loss and muscle tear and strain for a hysterectomy as well as prostate, for which it is more well known. Many hospitals are having 'open houses' displaying this new surgical device and will let you manipulate it. Be sure your doctor is trained on this machine, or I would find one who is. He or she has to be a 'good' laporascopic surgeon first, then trains on the da vinci machine.

It definitely pays off to do a little research on your own before surgery. Ask a lot of questions. In many cases, it is possible to remove endometriosis and still be able to have children. The key is finding the right doctor with the skills you need. You deserve it.
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