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Heads Up to Those Late With Neg. Results

I did end up going to a different clinic today and doing a blood test since I am late and still no af. Negative. My Dr. Now thinks that the cyst that she felt during an exam two weeks ago on my right ovary was not a secondary egg. It must have been the primary and didn't get fully released. So, still no af and it doesn't look like I will be getting one this time around. I have never had that happen before. Just wanted to post so that anyone else who is late and getting negative results would read it. I am really glad I did the blood test so that I didn't keep buying home tests and thinking I was pregnant but not registering on those tests.

Baby dust to all those who got negative results this month and are on to the next try.
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replied April 28th, 2006
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My af was suppose 2 be on the 25th but I havent gotten it yet :) im not getting my hopes up but I hope its a bfp when I test ima wait till monday to test :)
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