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Lymph Node Below Ear? Please Help

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Hello, a few weeks ago I was feeling around my neck area for lymph nodes and I found a few small ones, but nothing to serious. I did find a medium sized (what I thought was a)node below my earlobe behind my jaw, but i'm not sure if its even a lymph node or just a part of the mastoid process. Its not soft or moveable, so it makes me think its not a node, it doesn't really hurt and hasn't changed size since i've noticed it. I feel as good as I have ever felt, but am worried because i've researched about lymph nodes that are swollen. I can feel the knob better when my head is tilted back.

Can someone help me out, is it normal to have a lymph node in this area or is it just a skull bone or muscle? Does everyone have these little lumps below their ears?

Heres another picture of lymph nodes in the neck area, but it doesn't show any in the area that i'm talking about... If you look closely, you can see a protrution right below the ear lobe, which is the spot i'm talking about.

Http://medicine.Ucsd.Edu/clinicalmed/head- lymphnodes2.Jpg

thanks for all your help...
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replied May 9th, 2006
I'm not sure i'd be too worried about it unless it was changing nature - size / tenderness etc. I find that lymph nodes can be very reactive things - if I have a muscle strain or back patch of eczema, my lymph nodes in that area will be raised and tender and may not always completely disappear afterwards. I've had a solid raised node in my neck for as long as I can remember (on that link of yours, it's slightly higher than the posterior cervical area) and it's not something I or my doctor are worried about.
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replied October 27th, 2006
I have this exact same thing. Hoping for an update from the op on what it was and what treatment you got. Thanks.
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