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I try to eat but can hardly get my food own without gaging cause I have so much anxiety stuck in my stomic I allmost throw it up and I only weigh 125 pounds and I cant afford to loose anymore I just dont know what to do? Does anybody els get this?
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replied April 27th, 2006
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I speak from experience with the swallowing trouble. I have been from doctor to doctor and had tests run that don't show any problem and i've been put on anxiety medications but none of it is helping. I would be interested to see other posts to this topic.
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replied April 28th, 2006
Hello. Firstly i'm sorry to hear about how you feel. I have a very reduced appetite when I am depressed, anxious or even just really tired. I weigh very little and hate losing weight also. I don't exactly feel sick as such, but I can relate to the tight somach thing making it difficult to eat anything. Few people seem to understand this or relate to it. Some tips that might help you:

1. Try not to stress about it (easy said I know!) because being anxious about eating makes you even more anxious at usual mealtimes or when you try to eat - so you're already in a higher stressed rate from worrying about it whcih reduces the chance of you eating.
2. Do relaxation techniques, it can help you eat.
3. Light exercise whcih increases blood flow and lifts you slightly - it can make you more hungry and help you to eat more.
4. Don't punish yourself in your head for not eating enough - praise yourself when you eat - even if its a small amount, be pleased with yourself for what you do eat, not angry for what you don't. This helps me to stress less about my eating problem.
5. When I can I eat with other people feel relaxed with because I tend to eat less if anything when alone.
6. Have the drinks with nutrients in them (like complan and build-up) at least you are getting some nutrients. I have these and find they really help.
7. Try liquidising your food. I know of someone who did this when they couldnt eat and it helped them tremendously until they could eat better again.
8. Have foods easy to eat (rice pudding, cereal, soup, drink lots of milk etc) it's better than eating nothing. Try to at least eat fruit etc.
9. Eat regularly, try to have a routine of when you eat. Try to eat something 3 times a day even if it is very little. This helps your body get into a pattern and routine which will help your stomach to feel more ready for "food-time".
10. Try to make mealtimes more enjoyable (watch a good tv programme or listen to some favourite music whilest eating, it takes your mind off the eating and helps you to enjoy it more!)

hope this helps. I dont have sick problems I just have problems eating generally, so I can't really help you with the sickness side of it. So I hope this helps.
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replied January 23rd, 2009
food and mood
i understand i have lost 10 lbs in the past 2 weeks due to stress as weel. the best thing is to eat slow and remember that you dont want to get any worse only better. so by not eating you will just wither away and the pain will never get better. try talking your feelings out.
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