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Hiv Infection

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i appear to be the most unlucky person ever. 10 months ago I was diagnosed with genital warts after a sexual encounter with someone (we did not have full sex as I did not want to catch anything and we had no condoms!)

at the time I was checked out 10 weeks after the occurance I had everything checked including an hiv test which came back negative.

Since then however I have been having what appear like light night sweats every couple of weeks for a few nights at a time. Could this be a sign of hiv infection. After doing a bit of research online I see that a rash and mouth alcers can be a sign of serconversion, around 12 weeks after the occurance I got what appeared to be prickly heat and some mouth ulcers while on holiday, could this have been something more sinister??

I have found my hpv diagnosis so difficult I do not think I can face going back to the clinic.


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