Ive had this horrible burning/dull aching pain in my groin for about 5 mths now. After 5 mth off hellish pain, I decided time for a trip to the docs! It was then I was diagnosed with a hernia. The doctor gave me some pain killers but, as you know there crap!! I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the pain, and if so what its like.
Thanks very much, mark
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replied April 26th, 2006
Hi Mark
Well, the pain can be quite bad, with me it always used to be after doing sports, usually a while after it would start. Burning like you describe, a dull ache sometimes or stinging. I sometimes used to put a hot water bottle on it, if you want to try that make sure it isn't too hot, that can make it worse. It helped relief the pain a bit, but mostly I just lived with it.
You can try taking hawthorn, that can relief symptoms and the pain too, it helped me a great deal. Take some vitamin q10 (30mg) to help strengthen the muscles, that may help too.
If you read the thread hernia pain, symptom relief and healing I wrote down a couple of things that have helped me get rid of my hernia, I have been symptom free for a while now and I am not being extra careful anymore exercising, I just watch it with the heavy lifting, but beside that I seem to be sorted.
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon,
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