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Question: my sister, age 47, has a mysterious problem that has perplexed her doctors for 2-1/2 months. In january she presented with what "felt like an ear infection coming on". Upon examination the doctor saw no infection but referred her to an ent. The ent scoped her nasal cavity and saw nothing. 3 weeks later she developed severe pain, swelling and redness above the bridge of her nose which extended to her eyes. Hospitalization revealed cellulitis and was treated 2 weeks in the hospital on iv antibiotics. Release with iv drip for 2 additional weeks on iv antibiotic therapy. 3 days short of finishing the iv she developed scleritis (severe) and was treated by a neurooptomologist with steriod drops. 3 weeks post treatment the scleritis has still not completely resolved. 3 days ago she rapidly developed severe pain in her right ear (same side as the scleritis) with pain and was seen by her primary. Examination revealed "pus" in her ear and is being treated with pain med, antibiotics and antibiotics drops. Upon examination the doctor also said she noticed that there was some sort of "mass" or growth but was not able to determine with confidence what it was. She is referred to another ent.

No one (even her primary) can figure out what is going on. And admitted at her last visit she was at a loss. She has had ct scans of the sinus cavity, mri with and without contrast and nothing of significance has been seen. She has been tested for ace and lysozyme but nothing out of range has been noticed.

We are very, very concerned about her problem which no one seems to be able to figure out. To date only the secondary symptoms are being treated because of having no diagnosis.

It may be worthy to note that prior to the onset of this chronic condition her menstrual cycle stopped abrutply without any signs of being pre-menopausal. I wonder if there is some coicidence with this or perhaps there is a more systemic reason that may be a piece of the puzzle that the doctors are not focusing on . Please help...I am 1,100 miles away from her and may have to go to where she lives, but we really don't have any clue where to being before yet another complications arises. Thanks in advance, marie
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replied May 8th, 2008
you should try the Eardoc
The EARDOC is the only efficient non invasive device that reduces the pain and edema for ear pain The EARDOC treats the problem and not the symptom. About 75% of children up to age 4 suffer from Ear ache caused by the accumulation of liquids and air in the middle ear.
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replied December 22nd, 2008
cellulitis ear lobe
I seemed to have developed cellulitis of my ear lobe. my ear was warm to touch for one day, then looked red, then i developed 101.4 temp. As an obgyn, I placed myself on Keflex 500mg qid. I am afebrile, but have cervical node swelling but no real pain and no ear discharge. Looks minimally better after 24hours now. Still warm to touch. Did I make the qright diagnosis.