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Im New And I Need Your Opinion

My hubby and I have been ttc for about 4 mos. My cycles are very irregular. I had a period feb 26 that lasted until march 10. After that he and I did the bd all the time. Then on march 20 until the 26, I had what appeared to be another period. After this we did the bd all the time and have been doing it ever since. Well this is the question, I really dont know when my period should be here but I have been really feeling like im preggers. I am all of a sudden im tired all the time, my boobs are swollen and they hurt like crazy,i feal nausea at every moment of the day, oh and some of my favorite foods I cant stand to even smell so u know I can eat them.
A little bit of history aboout my cycles are that I will go about 3-5 mos without one, then about 3-5 consecutive ones. They are always usually right on schedule when they do come. Thats why I am so curious this time. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted you all to have a little to go one when helping me.
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