Sorry to post this under ovarian cancer I was not to sure were else to post this question.
I have been ahving this horrible pain in my lower abdomin this monday it had gotten so bad I couldn't walk sit up pretty much move or laydown, as well and it hurt to breath in certain postions. I had an ultrasound and I have a septated cyst that is 5cmx5cm in length on my left ovary and a corpuse luteal cyst on my right ovary. I have been told that it is possible for the septated syst to become malignant. If anybody has any information on any of these cysts (iam still waiting to get refered to a gyno) and causes and treatment possiblitily of them becoming malignant I would appreciate it so very much. Iam only 23 and iam not to sure how serious these things are and am just really scared and worried.
Any advice or info would really put me at ease.
Thank you
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