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Pregnancy Question And Test

Hi all,
its been almost six months I couldn't get pregnant and I was wondering to check with my gynecology.
Would it be better option to have her check.
Does it called pre conceptional checkup...
What do they check up?
As i've never done this before so i'd be more than happy to know so I can schedule with her sooner.

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replied April 20th, 2006
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Alot of times it takes langer to get pregnat and times it dont stress dont help ttc eaither.. The doc will do a pap mabye some blood work to see if every thing is ok with ttc..Just try not to stress over it and it will happen..Baby dust your way and good luck
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replied April 20th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
He may also give you a prescription for vitamins or advise you to start taking vitamins.

If you have been trying for a year or more, then they may do further testing.

Good luck on getting pregnant. Remember to have fun and not worry too much!
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