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Can't Stop Crying After Hsg

Hi I am new here...But have been reading posts on this site for several months.

I need some help....

i am 35 (almost 36) and ttc #1
went to specialist because dh has some problems.

1st month - clomid and iui = bfn
2nd month - cysts and recommened to skip this cycle and get hsg and hysteroscopy.

Went for hsg today and told dr stop stop - because the cramping was so painful - never felt anything like that in my life.

Dr. Said since I was not able to complete it my only other option was a laparoscopy.

has anyone done anything other than an hsg or laparoscopy?

Did anyones dr allow treatment to continue without any of these tests?

If you had a laparoscopy was it painful afterwards?

Did anyone ever stop an hsg or am I the only one?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have been sitting here crying all day because dr will not re-do hsg and will only go the route of laparoscopy. I do not think dh and I are willing to go that route (cry). I wish I could go back to 10am this morning and just deal with the hsg - I think I was more scared of the unknown (now that I think about it) - since I did almost pass out before the dr got there (nerves) - I guess that is why I am so upset. (cry cry cry)
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replied May 21st, 2006

did you take any painkiller 1/2 prior to hsg? You should. Mine was painful too but may be the painkiller helps. Mine was block only on the left side so I don't have to do laproscopy. I hated surgery. Try to do hsg again with painkiller...
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replied March 9th, 2010

you are not the only one that stop HSG i also shouted on the dr to stop the exercise, the exercise is realy a painful one, i took a painkiller but still the pain was severe, l move my legs and reacted by vormitting all i eat, the dr said i hav to redo HSG if it not clear, i will collect d result today.
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