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Arm And Shoulder Pain Because of Using a Computer Mouse

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No pain using a mouse

great number of people have healthy problems using a
simple computer mouse.

You can see plenty of information here:


using a mouse "can lead to discomfort, pain, and even
workplace musculoskeletal disorders (wmsds)."(canadian
centre for occupational health and safety)

your index finger have to move left from the other
fingers for the long periods of time and your right arm
is in permanently tension.I am a piano teacher and I know
this subject very well.Many of my friends have the same
problem-arm and hand pain during a work with mouse.You
can find plenty of scientific researchs how to avoid such
a problems in the internet.

I want to recommend you very simple way.Can you hold your
mouse just like a potato or a stone for a moment,please?

Now notice that your index finger just quietly lie on the
right mouse button!You can excellently use right mouse
button instead of the left just like me.Simply go to the
control panel(from start)and change the settings in mouse
folder.Now you can use the mouse like a left-hander and
you can feel much better shortly.Left-handers can do the
same trick.

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