Hello everyone! I am a 29 yr old woman who has been suffering with ruq pain for more than 3 years and have had several ultrasounds, ct scans, a hida scan, endoscopy, you name it, all of which showed "normal" gallbladder function, or negative for gallstones. I have been going through a particularly nasty attack for the last 3 weeks now, and it has almost completely debillitated me from doing everything--work, sleep, eating. I have lost nearly 20 pounds because I cant eat or sleep, and my job is really suffering. Does anyone have any tips or encouragement on how they got their doctors to finally listen to them about having their gb taken out? I am even ready to at least have a laparascopy done to try to identify visually what may be going on with me. The problem is that no one will listen, and now my gastroenterologist is trying to pan me off onto my obgyn as though this might be endometriosis....Help!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone! Jess
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replied April 22nd, 2006
Good Luck With the Doctors
Yes, it is nice to know you're not alone. That was what I liked as I was reading these posts is the fact that there are other people going thru the same thing as me.

I decided to print some of these posts to take to my doctor. Maybe if he can see some of them, it may actually help motivate him to the fact that this is real and I am not the only one! I've read enough to know that now and it actually helps! At least i'm not so depressed anymore. Believe me, for a while I was feeling pretty bad.

Hang in there, my dr also suggested ob/gyn even though i've had a total hysterectomy. They always try to find another way when they're stumped, I think. I don't understand when it's warranted for them to just go ahead and do a laparascopy and see what's going on inside.
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