Hi there, im so glad there is this website to come too, I would like to hear other experiances and suggestions? I have had 4m/c 2 in 2003 then a son in 2004 and another two m/c in 2005 im trying so hard to fall pregnant again but my cycle is so crazy it rangers from 28-45 days apart and have really heavy bleeding! But I have just recently started to spot bleed everynow and then just two weeks after my heavy period. Has this happend to anyone?? I don't know weather I should be going to a doctor about this or I am reading into it too much.
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replied April 18th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
Based solely on having 4 miscarriages, I would say you should be going to the doctor if you are ttc. If for nothing more than a pre-pregnancy check up.

Good luck!
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