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Bipolar Or Schizo?

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I've been diagnosed with bipolar for 6 years now and well I may not have told the doctors enough in the begining for them to acuratly depict me. My bipolar itself seems to be mostly control'd but I have outbreaks of these mind break downs where I have two "voices" or opinions in my head one rational and one not like wether to leave work for no real reason just to go home and sit and fret about looseing my job for leaving. The non rational wins quite frequently as during these "stages" this is the stronger of the two opinions. I also have strong beliefs that I can mantain my state through obsorption of electricity that I lay awake at night and my body does these quakes that to me is obsorbing electricity from the soroundings...I've gone as far a to imagine building a "zapper" or sorta that I could control the amount of electricity I would intake. This sounds crazy even to me and i'm not sure I believe it myself, but I do it quite often. I am irratic at times with the way I do things and quite structured others. I have no idea how to stop these thought flows and I do not any longer believe them to be bipolar but have no clue if they are to go as far as schiophrenia. Please respond I need help soon, may loose my job and my doctor won't see me very quickly.
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replied January 23rd, 2010
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I can't diagnose you but I can share that I have BP and experience auditory and visual hallucinations. I also have been delusional. My behavior has been impulsive and erratic as well. Did you describe to the doctor's office what you did here? If not, you should. They should be aware of the severity of your symptoms and see you right away. Let me know how it works out. Take care.
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