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(warning: Tmi) Cervix During Af? (hpt Pics Included) (Page 2)

April 19th, 2006
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babymajic0506 wrote:
so is this the kind where you'd get the vertical line to confirm that you peed on it and the horizontal line to confirm a pregnancy??

Or...Is it the kind where the one to the left is a plus or a minus?? If it's anything like the one I had, a line would show up if it detected the hormone...And if there was nothing, the box on the left would remain empty.

I would feel the same way if I were in your prediciment...I wouldn't count my chickens until they hatch...Ya know what i'm saying. It's just too similar to your last experience. Go get another test and see what it says...Get a different brand. If it comes back positive...Than call your ob.Gyn asap!! Like I said...Mine were very faint...I waited a week and took 2 more and they were darker!

Good .Luck!!


yeah...It's a vertical line on the right to confirm that the test worked. In the left window...Another vertical line should appear if you are preggo (making a plus (+) sign). I have a clear blue test...And i'm most likely gonna take that tomorrow.
I'll keep ya's posted! Thanks for all the responses,

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