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Cervix During Af? (warning: Tmi!!)

I know...It's kinda gross...But I had to check.

I had very light bleeding sunday, medium yesterday and very, very light again today (there was very little and it was brown and sticky on tampon when I got up ).

So...I checked my cervix and it's so high I could barely reach it and it felt very soft. I've never checked during af before...But I know it's usually extremely low and firm just before and after af. Also...I usually have really severe cramps (i have endo and the cramps can sometimes bring me to tears) and I just realised that I didn't even notice them yesterday. Also...I've peed three times already and i've only been awake for 2 hours! I have other little "symptoms" too...But i'm gonna wait and see what happens with this "period". Maybe...Just maybe...There's still hope this cycle??? Maybe it's implantation??

Any opinions?
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replied April 18th, 2006
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Maybe this is the month! Hopefully you are having implantation - good luck & keep us posted!!
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