I wasn't sure whether to put this in here or in neurological, but since it's more of a joint thing I chose to put it in here :-p

i had head trauma the first of feb this year I broke my nose, had a concussion and according to the mri of my cervical spine the majority of the discs in my neck are bulging. I've only been going to a neurologist for this, but I was wondering if an orthopedic would help me in the way of actually treating it, instead of just medicating?

I had my mri 5wks after the accident and it wasn't until the day of the mri my neck started to hurt, I had my hair cut in the morning so I figured it was just from holding my head in certain postions, but while I was in the mri once again having to keep my head still my right hand went numb.

I'm just wondering if it's normal to have delayed signs of trauma?

It's been almost 11wks from the accident is it normal for my neck to still be a nuisance?

Sorry for all the questions, I had never had a head or neck injury before.
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replied April 28th, 2006
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Do not go to an orthopedist for cervical pain! You have the right doctor for pain in the c-spine, likewise I would hesitate to use a neuro for l-spine since the spinal cord essentially ends around t12-l1 and l1-l2.

If you are thinking surgery for repair, speak to your ns about the bryan artificial cervical disc. These can be used at multiple levels and they help to maintain intervertebral disc space and also allow for movement so that you do not have the issue of fused disc space placing more strain on the disc above and below requiring more surgery.

Surgery is always very risky and in the c-spine it is even more so. I suggest that you do some research on Spineuniverse.Com or Spine-health.Com and also go to one of the many doctor report website and pay for a report about your particular doctor. 15 dollars is a small price to pay to find out how many discipline refferals or fines or malpractice suits your doctor has had. If none and he/she is a member of specfic fellowships that you can research, that is even better for you because you will know your doctor from a totally different side than what you know from speaking to them.

Good luck,
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replied August 10th, 2010
I agree with Brian on keeping the nuero.. and to answer the other question that you had about delay in pain from injury,, absolutely especially dealing with the spine I had a fusion of L5 S1 for a grade 4 spondylolisthesis and the disc was collapsed 2 yrs ago and I fell 2 and half mo ago and had many weird symptoms at different times to find out that I have 8 buldging disc in my thoracic at any rate even though I hurt when the injury happened the nerve pain doesnt always come right away, it actually creeps up alot later then may diappear for a few days leaving you feel like you are crazy especially when all your doctors think your to young and full of it... word of advice,dont ignore your body alot of regular primary drs do not know much about backs or to even listen to their patients long enough to send them for MRI 'S I had to refer myself to my Nuero with the spondylolisthesis( walked into the hospital and told them what I wanted) and refer myself for the MRI of the area I thought was the problem( walk in clinic, cried and told them what I wanted) Also if you dont cry alligator tears they think you are drug seeking even if you never ask.
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