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Taking Your Bbt- Orally, Rectally Or Vaginally Or Otherwise?

When you're ill, you may have heard that if your temperature is taken orally, it's one reading, having it taken rectally, it's different, as are underarm and ear readings. Never heard of a vaginal temperature for illness. So, if you're using the bbt practice, wouldn't the rectal route be higher and give a different reading than an oral or vaginal reading? And would a temperature taken rectally for an illness or a bbt reading be the most accurate measurement? I wouldn't think that an underarm or ear reading would be a consideration for bbts, though I guess it's possible.
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replied April 24th, 2006
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When I took my bbt I took it orally. I dont think it matters as long as you take it the same way every day at the same time upon waking. The idea is to see a pattern so whether is is a degree or two of difference orally or axillary you will still notice a change in pattern around ovulation.
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