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Any One Who Has Alternative Treatments For Acne????

Hello!! I have tried everything to get rid of my acne in the past, but don't want to go on the pill/roaccutaine again.

I am currently trying environ skin products with hydroxy acids and vitamin a gel. I am also taking vitamin a, b5 and c supplements.

I am on anti depressants because all I want to do is stay in the house and cry!! I feel lonely and hope this website will help as it looks like i'm not the only one.

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replied April 21st, 2006
Acne Help
i too have used roaccutane but still get a couple of stubborn spots on my neck so am always thinking of how to rid myself of this problem.

So sorry yours is getting you down.

My next brainwave is to try cleansing my bowels!! When I think about it, I have a number of probs that seem to link to a sluggish digestive system or poor blood circulation. That is...Acne, scalp psoriasis, nervous rashes and even some athletes foot. I sound a wreck don't i!

hope you can fathom somethimg out that works for you
happy reading
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