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I bought a clear blue easy ovulation pred kit today. My calendar says my most fertile day is 11th and 12th then the 13th I ovulate. So the test showed negative on the lh surge what does this mean. And will the lh surge detector show negative after the surge has came how do I know if I missed it . I just had my af on the thirtyith of march. And am I fertile on the day I ovulate? I have read the fertitly chart and ect. On it but I dont understand if im reading the kit right. Also I gues I will start taking bbt in the morn. And it will have slight drop before ovulation and then a rise when I ovulate right? So its best to bd on the day it drops right. Maybe I finally have it right I hope so. We have ttc so much these past few months. We werent really jst trying the first few only the last two but now thinking about it and how longweve been ttc or having unprotected sex its very frustrating. And my dh has been tested as have I and we are both fertile so I guess I just need to hear that im doing this right ive had a cple mc's and I gues I would just like to hear im doing something right thanks
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replied April 13th, 2006
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You really needed to start taking your temp at the begining of the cycle. In order to get a coverline (line that shows how high your temp should stay after ovulating), you need to have at least 6 previous temps to go by. Plus, not everyone gets a temp dip the day they ovulate. My temps are all over the chart so looking for a dip doesn't help me since my temps aren't very steady to strart with. As for the opk, they recommend you start those several days before you think you may ovulate as the lh surge will show up 12-24 hours before you ovulate. Once the surge has past, the opk will show negative again. You won't know that you missed it unless you are charting your temps and you see the thermal shift. I know the whole charting thing can get a little confusing. There is lots of info on the fertilityfriend website and on the ovusoft website.

Hope this helps.
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