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Possible Cure For Nausea In Hypoglycemia!

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Well, maybe not a cure, but the last time I had some nausea in the morning, I tried something. I took some spice and for some reason this eliminated the nausea. I tried it another time with the same effect. I reason that it somehow stimulates the enzymes and digestive process, but i'm not sure. Anyway, try just a little bit of cayenne pepper. Whole foods carries a steak spice that's all organic and natural by a company called simply organic. If you can't find that, here are the separate spices in it, all organic:

1. Black pepper
2. Garlic
3. Sea salt
4. Red pepper
5. Yellow mustard
6. Dill seed
7. Coriander
8. Cayenne
9. Paprika
10. Lemon oil

someone try this the next time they feel nauseous and let me know what happens. Please don't take a whole tablespoon, when I say a little I mean a little, like a few pinches in your palm. If just cayenne alone, then seriously like a few dots of it unless you can handle spicy food.
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