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Period Came Six Days Early

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Does this sound normal? I have googled "causes of early menstrual cycle" and really didn't get anything about it. My cycles have been overall normal for the past couple of years, and my cycle is prone to changing every few months, but not by more than one or two days. For example, it came on the 20th of the months for about four months, and then it came on the 18th. Then it went from a 30-day cycle to a 28-day cycle. But I have never had a cycle as short as this most recent one (only about 22 days).

For the record, I have not been under any tremendous stress (a little minor stress here and there, like most people have), have not begun any exercising, no significant weight gain or loss, and the only change in my diet is that I have been eating a little less than usual in an attempt to lose those pesky "freshman 15". Also, I am not on birth control, or any medication for that matter. Anything that would cause a change in my cycle has not happened or was not used.

I also want to add this...All the symptoms I normally get prior to the start of my period, I got. I noted the classic change in discharge as well as light soreness in the sides of my pelvis where my ovaries are. The blood isn't a different color than normal and is not any lighter or heavier than normal.

Have any of you ladies ever experienced this? Does anyone have a suggestion of what it could be?

I wasn't worrying before, but now I kind of am. I don't know if my cycles have just decided to be out of whack for no reason, or if there really is a problem. I would sincerely appreciate any advice on this at all.
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First Helper Greyfin

replied May 13th, 2008
Mine came early too
My period was about 9 days early this month, which has never ever happened to me (have been getting a period for about 18 years and am like clockwork on a 28-day cycle). I also googled "early period" and came up with virtually nothing. I started spotting in between my periods about 8 months ago, so I've been to a few doc's, and all suggest a hormonal imbalance. I did some research on this, and yes, based on what I found if hormones are off balance then an early period can occur. Nonetheless, it still seems odd to me and has me concerned. Let me know if you find out anything further.
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replied November 13th, 2010
Early period, by 10 days.
I got my period early too, by 11 days! I have been traveling (but that is not unusual as I live in two continents), and I have been a little stressed. What is new in my life is that I have started doing somewhat heavy exercise, and somewhat heavy reading--in addition to my mind-heavy job.

Everything about this early period is normal, except that it didn't follow a week of spotting which I expected.

On the up side, this is MUCH less painful than my periods usually are.
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replied November 14th, 2010
Mine was two weeks earlier, it was the same as my usual one except a bit shorter.
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