(i am female 46, 123 lbs.)
after searching the forum and doing some reading, I decided to use this site.
I have been feeling dizzy also for about 4 months.
Otherwise I have been healthy, I haven't been sick for quite awhile.
Just small colds or allergies, some sinus from flowers and pollen. I usually use cold medicine to relieve it, then it passes.
When I go to bed, the bed spins. If I just prop my pillow, then relax, the room spins, I close my eyes, and feel like I want to pass out in bed when this happens.
At work, I can be sitting, then when I stand, I have to sit back down because I feel like I am on an elevator that just stopped suddenly.
This isn't all day long, just little spells at work, I have learned to become slower getting up, but at night it has been every night for about 4 months.

Since I was about 17, I have had tinitus. As the years go on, it worsens.
I don't know how I got tinitus, I never worked where it is loud, or ever listened to loud music.
My mother says that maybe a medicine I took when I was younger did this. (i used to get bladder infections alot when I was a teenager, hospitalized with iv's.) it has been very hard to get to sleep at night since it has been getting worse, I try to concentrate on the tone to finally get some sleep.

I'm not sure if the dizziness/spinning, falling - feeling has anything to do with the tinitus. I have read information about vertigo, but I am not sure that this is the reason for my symptoms.
I am going to see a doctor next week to get some help. I would have went sooner, but my medical insurance just got accepted so I am taking advantage of it.
Can anyone respond before I go to the doctor?
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replied April 12th, 2006
Hi susan, I know what you are going through, ive had this problem since 1998, and im now seeing a head and neck surgeon who specialises in balance disorders. It all started with the room spinning when I went to bed or move my head a certain way......I would always be unbalanced, walking into things, feeling like im going to fall......I was diagnosed with bpvp---meaning positional vertigo...Has to do with a small stone inside the ear that moves around and gives the brain the wrong signal. It gets worse when im all stuffed up because liquid builds up inside my ear drum and doesnt drain out like it should, im thinking of telling my ent for tubes. Tinnitus comes and goes for me, gets louder, I still have no explanation for it but heard that it has to do with the nerves and muscles surounding the ear. Your family doctor will probably send you to see a ear nose and throat specialist to determine what your problem realy is. For nausia and vomiting prevention I take bonnnamine/take one for the whole day, it realy helped me. Seems like a lot of people have this problem and it can be very scary.

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replied April 15th, 2006
I don't get nausiated with this. Just dizzy.
I go to the doctor monday.
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replied April 15th, 2006
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Keep us updated on what the dr says please.
Thank you!
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replied April 17th, 2006
Went to the doctor.
He is sending me to get a ct scan of my head.
He wants to rule out any tumors, ect. (and to see if theres anything
in there......Lol)
he put me on medicine to help the dizziness, meclizine, 25 mg.
4 times a day. Seeing that I work in a school, I am going to take it
after I get there and before bedtime. I can't be falling asleep during
the day. The medicine makes you drowsy.
Then after the scan he will know more. He said he may send me
to an ear throat nose specialist after he gets the results he
will know more.
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