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Dizziness/room Spinning

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(i am female 46, 123 lbs.)
after searching the forum and doing some reading, I decided to use this site.
I have been feeling dizzy also for about 4 months.
Otherwise I have been healthy, I haven't been sick for quite awhile.
Just small colds or allergies, some sinus from flowers and pollen. I usually use cold medicine to relieve it, then it passes.
When I go to bed, the bed spins. If I just prop my pillow, then relax, the room spins, I close my eyes, and feel like I want to pass out in bed when this happens.
At work, I can be sitting, then when I stand, I have to sit back down because I feel like I am on an elevator that just stopped suddenly.
This isn't all day long, just little spells at work, I have learned to become slower getting up, but at night it has been every night for about 4 months.

Since I was about 17, I have had tinitus. As the years go on, it worsens.
I don't know how I got tinitus, I never worked where it is loud, or ever listened to loud music.
My mother says that maybe a medicine I took when I was younger did this. (i used to get bladder infections alot when I was a teenager, hospitalized with iv's.) it has been very hard to get to sleep at night since it has been getting worse, I try to concentrate on the tone to finally get some sleep.

I'm not sure if the dizziness/spinning, falling - feeling has anything to do with the tinitus. I have read information about vertigo, but I am not sure that this is the reason for my symptoms.
I am going to see a doctor next week to get some help. I would have went sooner, but my medical insurance just got accepted so I am taking advantage of it.
Can anyone respond before I go to the doctor?
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replied April 11th, 2006
Experienced User
The spinning feeling sounds like vertigo to me. I only know this because I have post concussion and the neurologist wasn't sure if I had vertigo or if I was dizzy from the trauma. I felt more of a light headed dizzy at the ent when he had me lay down and focus on his nose. He said with vertigo you feel like spinning.. I don't know if it would have anything to do with your tinitus.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like vertigo.

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replied April 11th, 2006
When it happens at night I can't focus.
I think it is vertigo too, just by what I have read.
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