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Has Anyone Saved Their Baby's Cord Blood?

My wife is pregnant and we saw some brochures in the dr's office. But she said the Dr. Was not much help with answers...Anyone out there do this? What should we be looking for or asking companies that do this?
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replied February 1st, 2007
I realize that your question has not been answered for months and now it is probably way too late because your baby has probably already been born by now. Anyway... Here is what my experience is with cord blood.

With my first son I told the nurse in the delivery room that we wanted to collect the cord blood. She responded with "oh. You want to do that" in a very negative tone. I think she just really didn't want to do the extra work to collect the blood. She then left the room and came back with a cord blood collection kit. They took the cord blood and sent it to cardinal glennon hospital in st. Louis (st. Louis is where my kid was born). This was donated to their research program at cardinal glennon. I would have liked to have it stored and frozen for the future but I never could get all the information on how to do this.

With my second son, he was premature by 5 weeks. Due to the complication that the premature birth caused, it was not an option to collect the cord blood because all hands were on the baby and no one could care less about the cord blood. Sounds understandable to me!

So, your hospital may have cord blood collection kits on the delivery room floor. They may not. You could actually go to the delivery floor of the hospital and ask one of the nurses if they stock cord blood collection kits and how to get them. I bet that would be your best source of information as they are the actuall ones that do the collection.

Hope this helps.
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replied August 30th, 2007
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Again, this is a little late for you, but I have looked it up, they have called me AND I have gotten a brochure. What I'm planning is not through the hospital, it is through ViaCord (you may have seen the comercial). And for the collection and storage for the first year, it is about $2,100. Someone from there comes and collects it, again, the hospital has nothing to do with it. Every year you have it stored, it is $125.

I hope I helped,

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replied December 10th, 2009
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I saved threw ViaCord. My son is now 1yr
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replied January 22nd, 2010
After speaking with obgyn and my brother in law, we went ahead and banked with our last baby and we're glad we did. Got a GREAT deal with CBR. Used a coupon code M1998 and got $250 off, then we were able to get a $125 rebate on the collection fee, and saved an additional $400 by prepaying the annual storage fee. We even got a gift card by enrolling online.
Good Luck!
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