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Chronic Dry Nose

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Approximately 3 1/2 years ago, my nose permanently dried up. The inside always feels like sand paper, and there is never any moisture. I believe the 1-2 quarts of mucus we produce each day that used to moisturize my nose is now only going down the back of my throat. There is so much that I wake up in the middle of the night with mouthfulls of snot. This is clear in color, but I am unable to swallow it all because there is so much.

I've been to several ents over the past three years. I tried more allergy pills and nose sprays than you can imagine, and i've had two surgeries, the first to remove a polyp, and the second to reduce the inferior turbinates. Neither of these surgeries have benefitted me at all.

My nose still runs, but the inside is so dry that I am unable to get anything out the front of my nose. The last ent I saw started me irrigating my nose with saline solution, so at least I can clean out some of the discharge, but it doesn't really make my nose feel any better.

Like all the other ents, because the steroid sprays had no benefit, he simply said "i don't know" and sent me away. I had a ct scan of my sinuses but was told everything was fine. I have to take nexium because of acid reflux (since 3 years ago), one of the first thoughts doctors had was the increase in throat mucus was due to this, but the nexium took care of the reflux right away, but the amount of throat mucus has not changed.

I can no longer breathe through my nose because that pushes more mucus into my mouth. This is an embarassing problem because I have to spit in a cup alot so I avoid going out in public. It is also difficult to get any excercise with all the mucus in my throat. I'm only 30, but I feel like i'm 70.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before? Doctors have run out of ideas for me and tell me they've never seen this type of thing before.

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First Helper konrad4489

replied April 10th, 2006
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I don't know if this is any help, but my ent told me to put vasaline in my nostrils, because my nose was dry. I don't know if you already tried that, but that's all I can contribute :-p

good luck!

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replied July 19th, 2007
You said you had your inferior turbinates reduced and you have a dry nose. I wonder how much of your inferior turbinates were reduced and if it is possible you suffer from empty nose syndrome? You should do some research on it, the wikipedia defintion is the most up-to-date and accurate one. In either case, pulsatile irrigation, siccalex, hot tea, and exercise are some great remedies for a dry nose
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