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Rough Night

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Last night was pretty bad, first I was having racing thoughts in my head, like I would lay down sort of awake and my head would just have a thought something random every second. I finally got control of it.

By the way I have had the flue for a few days now.

Then both my arms from the elbow down started to get a pins and needle sensation and had sharp pains thought my body but mostly in my hands. I don’t know if the flu caused it or what. I just have had a lot of blood work and a full head ct scan last week.

Have any of you experienced this?
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replied April 10th, 2006
Hi there by what you are saying it sounds like too much stress I am no dr but racing thoughts in your head tells me that you are under stress maybe becuause of your flu or something .A trip to the drs would be a great idea maybe they would recomend relaxation or meditiation is a great help to settle your racing thoughts as I have been there with racing thoughts in my head and with meditation it is a great relief hope things work out well for you..
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