I was diagnosed with infectious mono on feb. 6 2006 with liver complications (elevated enzymes). All my symptoms disappeared (2 months later), but when I do intense physical and/or mental activity, I get tired easily and I even get spleen sensivity (low-grade pain) and a mild sore throat. I will report this to my Dr.

Anybody has something similar? Continuous tiredness, spleen sensivity after mono? I hope I don't have chronic mono (aka chronic fatigue syndrome).

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replied May 18th, 2011
Post mono Chronic Fatigue - Spleen
I was also diagnosed with infectious mono April 28, 2010. I had some other complications (Terrible reaction to sulfa antibiotic + parasite) that futher pounded my immune system. Nevertheless, it has been about 14 months since I felt normal. I am pretty positive I've got chronic fatigue because all I can seem to do is sleep and catch other illness (still). Nevertheless I was interested in the strange splenic sensitivity as I notice it flare up from time to time. When I explicitly had mono it was moderately causing pain/discomfort, but now every once in a while I feel a twinge of pain. Is this something to take seriously or put a hault on life over?
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