I was so so happy a few month ago but I have let myself go in a very drastic direction.
2 of my closest friends went to the gym on saturday and this is one thing I have never done.Im 20 and have kept my weight down,some how but have to admit ive put a lot on recently.

Part of its because im sat at work all day on a computer and not getting much excercise.
But thats no excuse.I was ashamed tonight thought when I was jokeing with a couple of friends about them going to the gym and I know they didnt mean to offend me but they are right.I am fat,7 years of booze and pizza does catch up lol.
So they are going to a gym about 6 miles away on satuday morning so I said I will come and give it a go.Have you got any tips for me considering this is the first time for me.
from mark
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replied April 20th, 2006

yep go for it! I go to the gym too, but have never been really big it just makes you feel awesome! Plus you can perve on sexy bods ;)

exercise releases natural endorphins so you will be on a high from getting fit. It rox! And once u get your metabolism cranking u will find that you can eat pizza whatever and not stack on the kilos..

So anyway did u end up going along?

Krit xx
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