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My daughter is 20 years old. Every so often she will have pain in her back that she thought was a back problem but then several days later she will have an episode where the pain radiates from her front right side to her back. It hurts really bad and the pain subsides usually within an hour or so but for that time it is very unbearable. She has no nausea, just the pain. We brought her to the er and no kidney stones. They couldnt do an ultrasound on her gall bladder because she had eaten. Also she had no gas, nausea or vomiting. Just the pain. They ruled out kidney stones. Does any one have any ideas?? Could it still be gall bladder.
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replied April 6th, 2006
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Try a chiropractor, back pain is different for everyone so it may be as simple as poor posture that's contributing to her pain. A simple way to see if the spine is out of alignment is to have her bend over and touch her toes, than you can run your fingers alone the spine to see if it's straight.
When the spine or other bones are messed up, this interfers with the nerves.
Never believed in it myself...Until the pain got so bad...Then I had to try it.
And so glad I did, the first appointment brought immediate relief...It's like a dam had been broke and I could feel the blood and electrical pulses moving through my body.
Good chiropractors can be found by word of mouth. :)
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