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Can't Go to the Bathroom - Extreme Pain

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For 2 weeks I have been having extreme pain when going to the washroom. It started when I became irregular from a medicine I was taking. Today it was so bad that I havent even gone since yesterday morning. The stool is there but i'm afraid to let it out because its hard and very painful. I tried ex lax and that didnt help and I went to the clinic today and the gave me a glycerin lubricant and that still didnt help. What do I do now? It's extreme pain and now im getting cramps. How do I get it out without pain?
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replied April 5th, 2006
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Mississauga ontario? There's an online place in toronto that pushes this great stuff I just recently discovered....Oxypowder....However I don't like to buy online so i'm looking for it in local stores. Oxypowder will clean you out good and not painful. Great stuff!....I know, I know I sound like i'm pushing it....But it worked for my constipated boy when nothing else would. :)
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