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When Do You Know Its Anxiety?

Well I suffer alot of chest pains and stomach pains and after some tests that have come back as negative the doctors are saying my chest pains are caused mostly by anxiety.

I dont believe them. Its too much pain and I feel im in danger and I also dont feel anxious before they happen.

What did it take for you to accept that anxiety is the cause of your pains? And is there anything that can stop them pains and control the anxiety? Are these pains real? Or are my docs saying its my imagination?

Hope someone can answer my q's I feel im at a dead end.
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replied April 4th, 2006
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My advice to you would be to read through this forum and find out as much about anxiety as you can.

Your pains are real, it is all because of the way we breath when we have anxiety, how tense our musles are and we don't even realise it, etc

next time you are sitting watching tv or reading a book take a moment to look over your body and go through your body parts - you will find that you are tense and didn't even know it.

Once you have learnt all you can about anxiety then you can realise that there are millions of people out there feeling the same as you. Then you can accept it and then you can start to let your symptoms do there worst because you know they can not hurt you - they never have and they never will.

A great book to get is "hope and help for your nerves" by claire weekes, it helped me out so much.
Also don't be scared to go on medication until you can learn to manage your anxiety yourself. We all need help sometimes and that is what the meds are fo.

Take care and contact me anytime
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replied April 11th, 2006
Hello there if you have been to the doctors had test after test and they have come back fine well it sounds to me like anxiety basically the easiet way to say it is stress related .As I am a sufferer of panic and anxiety it took me a few years too realise and help my self with what symptoms I was having which was blurred vision, heart beating too fast,sweats, dizziness and the list goes on basicly your body is saying enough is enough.I have to stop stressing and start to relax more. Meditation and muscle relaxation is a good remedy if you want to read more.Try power over panic bronwyn fox book such a great book...Tells you about stress
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replied June 29th, 2012
I'm only 14 and it seems so hard to breathe anymore when I try to fall asleep I can't because I'm so scared that I will not wake up and when it feels like I can't breathe I get even worse. Sad I'm so scared help
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replied June 29th, 2012
The 2nd post on this topic is spot on well done Harky_P

The pains are real as that post states, in my case it's the muscles contracting in the chest/arm due to unknowingly tensing them

You'll have noticed that it hurts, by that I mean it's not a small sting or ache unlike those things this actually really hurts so you're right to be concerned

Many anxiety sufferers may not notice how often/long they hold their breath (this tenses many muscles), before my CBT it happened a lot more than nowadays

I would have to suggest CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) but obviously you should have all necessary tests and perhaps ask for copies of these 'negative' tests just to keep as a reminder - they're a nice comfort when you're really feeling it

The closest diagnosis to chest anxiety pain is something called Precordial catch syndrome but this is very very rare

To answer your question of what did it take to accept it's anxiety causing one's pains? well I made sure I had all the tests done and saw many GP's and consultants to make sure of no mistakes (had a full medical, work up literally checked EVERYTHING)

Once you've (all been well) ruled everything else out you have to make a move and your only move is to accept it's anxiety and start treatment as you've literally ruled everything else out. I went over the tests stupid amount of times and did too much research also probably saw too many GP's but it needed to be done to convince me and it took years

Start as soon as you can there's one particular 52 page CBT workbook on the physical affects of anxiety disorders it really helps to calm me down you'll be surprised at just how much of it you can relate to

All the best
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