My mother recently past away after being diag with pulmonary nodules in jan 05- she had the nodules biopsy in sept of 05. She also had surgery for two spontanious femur fractures in oct 05. She went into resp failure on the table during her surgery and spent a few days in icu and then rehab.. She returned home on o2 with a diag of pulmonary fibrosis. In dec 05 she became progressively weaker and by jan 06 I had her admitted..Two days later she was put on a vent and 16 days later she died.
She was neg for sarcoid, rhumatoid, osteosarcoma, or any cancer - her lab work was all withen normal limits , also no lupus , scleroderma . Is there any know dx or diag that would account for the spon. Fractures of the femur and spine with no osteopenia or osteoporosis and the sudden onset pulmonary fibrosis that killed her within a year..She had aspestos exposure in the 80's but she did not have any in her lungs on autopsy. Nobody knows what happenned to her ..But there has to be an answer ..Help me please...
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replied April 21st, 2008
In cases when someone died from unknown cause the only way that the cause of death can be revealed is to do an autopsy. Did you request autopsy?
Bay the way pulmonary fibrosis can be the cause of death. In time, pulmonary fibrosis causes heart failure (cor pulmonale) and death because of that.
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