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Listen to This !!(part2)

Hi everyone. Am a dumb 38 years old man I and recently got involved in pyramid like selling. The fact is that it feels great cuz now I can enjoy vitamins for free, as long as I convice other people to buy them from me! It's hard but I can do it. Mabye I should go on and lie to some people in order to have them to buy my wonderfull pills? Nah am not a liar, I will only not tell everything...This way I will keep on having a great time with my biological pills. These pills are very natural thing and are sold by the most altruist company. They don't do this to get money you know. They only want everyone to feels as good as they do. Screw you pathetic pharmacologic company! Now that I have my pills I am invincible! And I will get more people invincible! And we will make money and be happy. Everyone will start taking their pills. Yes. Am 38 and I already take 7 pills a day. Oh yeah. Wait till am 70.
I am invincible.
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