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Orthopedics - Ulnar Shortening

I'm due to have ulnar shortening in my wrist in the next few months. I originally hurt myself last june, and have gone through physio (two 3-4 month periods), cortisone shots, an mri, and recently met with a wrist trauma guy who is a high-up at mcgill university’s orthopedic school. He said that, when I broke my wrist when I was a kid, I broke it where the tfcc attaches to the radius and the ulna.

Normally, when your wrist is fine, your tfcc acts as a little trampoline to cushion your bones. However, because of where my break is (which is partially unhealed), every time I move my wrist my tfcc pulls on some membrane piece, and causes pain. To fix this, they would normally just put a screw through my old fracture, and that would be the end of it. However, my ulna is too long, so they are going to shorten it 3-4mm.

Has anyone ever had, or known someone who had ulnar shortening surgery? I believe its called ulnar osteotomy in the medical world. I play a lot of squash, so i'm worried that I won’t be able to play any longer, as well as have a gimpy wrist for the rest of my life. However, i'm still rather young (22), and figure I can heal rather well.
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