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I Don't Think This Is Lumps...

For a couple of years now I have a bump on my right armpit. For the last couple of weeks, random moles have been appearing on my body, and we learnt in school that moles are related to cancer in some ways. My grandmother died from leg cancer and I was scared I may have cancer and I asked my dad about it last night and he laughed at me for worrying to much -_-;;

anyways, I googled and found this site and this thread:
http://ehealthforum.Com/health/viewtopic.P hp?P=366585#366585

i thought I just had common lump, but today I looked through google a bit more and found this picture:
http://www.Nlm.Nih.Gov/medlineplus/ency/im ages/ency/fullsize/8623.Jpg

my lump doesn't look like that! The lumps in that picture is small and you can see them but for me, if you look at my armpit you can't see anything but if you touch it, you can feel a little bump... Can this be something else?? Or just a common lump but it's inside my armpit instead of outside?
Is there anyway to get rid of this without doing surgery or something? Eating vitamins? Rubbing something on it?
I also think I sweat more than before I got this lump, but it may be because i'm in my teens (just turned 16 this month).

Also, is there anyway to reduce the chance of getting moles? I want them to stop appearing and making me paranoid.
One last thing that may be related to this thread but i'm not sure if it is... It's kind of embarrasing.... Well, lately I seem to think that my right breast is smaller than my left one... Is it because I slep on my right side sometimes? (squishing it?) or since i'm right handed, it affects it somehow? Or the lump?

(sorry for this long post!)
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