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Cleaning My Colon & Getting Rid of My Allergy

I would like to try colonix, but does anyone of you knows if I can take any prescription medice while doing this cleaning? The reason I want to do it is because i've been suffering from hives for the past 3 years 24/7(going onto 4!) and I have heard that it might be due to an unhealthy colon (i do suffer from constipation). After this, I want to try to detox my liver as well. Any suggestion for that? I'm so tired of this allergy. I have seen dozens of doctors and I have gone through extensive skin and blood testing, but nobody knows what it is causing my allergy. Every single result comes out negative: i'm not allergic to meds, food, animals, you name it..I'm not allergic to anything i've been tested for, but I still have hives. Every nite I have to take medication; otherwise the itching and swelling doesn't stop. :(
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